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The establishment of The Damel is inspired by African and Brazilian cuisine. Our flavorsome dining experience embodies a wide range of West African culinary traditions that meet contemporary South American cuisine. This concept was developed by our founder after his 10 years of experience working for hotels and restaurants in Brazil, Argentina, and the United States. Our establishment aims to meet the demand for a dining experience that explores what the African and South American continents have to offer. We plan to bring this concept to different places in the world where food and beverages are considered to be strategic touristic markets.

An Experience Unlike Any Other

The Damel contributes to the pinnacle of American culinary life and culture.
While dining with us, our customers find their way to stay connected to their roots.
The Culinary Historian and Author Jessica Harris says: “Food traditions hold symbols and meaning that serve as a historical road camp”.
We aim to live by those words and provide a truly special culinary experience.

Our Menu

We Offer:

Dados de Tapioca

Our Menu